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David Malecki
Entrepreneur, sports and nature fan

"It's hard to believe that the protein goatmeal is healthy. It tastes anything but "diet". Every day can start like this!"

Your coaches in Hamm
Personal trainers Lisa and Thomas

"Quickly prepared and still perfectly taken care of at breakfast. We recommend the Protein Goatmeal to our customers."

Die Naturburschen
Entrepreneur for hemp and natural products

"The goat casein develops into an excellent shake with water. Delicious, creamy and yet light in taste."

Miriam Kramer
MSc Student & professional dog trainer

"I was involved right from the start. There is really passion behind the products here and it has become an ingenious concept."

Kim Baran
Student and fitness model

"With the A2 casein, I have finally found a high-quality protein that I can incorporate into my diet according to my personal requirements."