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Beltane - the Celtic fire festival on May 1st

The original fire festival got its name from Celtic sun god Bel. Sacred fires were kindled and purifying powers were attributed to the flames. Young lovers leapt hand in hand over the flames to seal their union. In Bishop Cormac's glossary it is reported around the year 900 that at Beltane cattle were driven between two fires under the supervision of druids in order to prevent disease. 

The nocturnal celebration, also known as Walpurgis Night, celebrates the arrival of summers and the life-giving glow of the sun. The earth is fertile, as shown by the multitude of flowers in May, and the light has returned.

The return of mother nature

Mother Nature is the caring side of nature, personified in the form of a woman who keeps the landscape alive and protects it. she is the creative force behind every living thing, the divine feminine energy that created the planet.

It is believed that this idea originally came from the ancient Greeks. These named their first
Goddess Gaia, an earth goddess credited with creating all life and giving birth to the universe.
Eventually, she became Mother Nature, a reflection of Earth's life-giving ecosystem. 

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