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With goatmeal to stage form

Do you actually know the story behind the goatmeal?

an article by pumping_horns

Goatmeal grew out of my fitness career. During my competition diets for the "Bikini Athlete" class, I was looking for a low-calorie but long-filling breakfast.

Most fitness athletes and bodybuilders therefore have oatmeal with whey protein for breakfast. That's how I started too, but I quickly realized that this breakfast didn't do me any good, apart from the fact that it tasted like warmed up cardboard. I switched from cheaply produced protein powders to a casein, which at least kept me full longer. However, my complaints and this constant feeling of being bloated in the evening did not get any better. "It couldn't be that in the long run" I thought to myself and got further information: Most protein powders are often produced inferiorly and contain flavor enhancers, sweeteners or aromas. In addition, the protein contained in cow's milk can lead to significant problems, especially for people with a sensitive intestine and a tendency to thyroid diseases.

There are still a few cow breeds that give what is known as more original A2 milk that does not cause these problems. This includes goat milk and sheep milk. I tested this out for myself and actually. if I only took milk products from A2 milk, my symptoms did not occur. Great!

So for my breakfast I was looking for a protein powder made from A2 milk, which - as I found out - wasn't available anywhere. So I took matters into my own hands and contacted goat farms and goat milk distributors. It wasn't easy because goat's and sheep's milk is scarcer than cow's milk. This is partly due to the fact that goats and sheep are not bred as high as cows and need more space to keep them - as it should be for a healthy animal. It took a long time, but it wasn't impossible and here it is: the first breakfast with a protein from A2 milk!

Especially at the beginning I helped many athletes who were also looking for a well-tolerated protein. Only later did it turn out that autoimmune sufferers in particular also benefit from the A2 protein and are grateful to finally be able to enjoy milk protein again without symptoms.

This is how Lykaia was born, starting with a sticky breakfast of oatmeal, this goatmeal was perfected into an airy, fluffy oatmeal with a protein from A2 goat's milk. But don't worry, it doesn't taste like goat! (We are actually asked that again and again at Lykaia.) The A2 protein itself is neutral and I eat the goatmeal in the "nicely chocolaty" version with cocoa powder or with maca root powder and Ceylon cinnamon, because then it tastes like a freshly baked Nordic cinnamon roll!

Do you want to learn more about A1 and A2 milk? Then listen to the Podcast with functional basics in!

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