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Organic Pasture Whey On Sale

Premium organic grass-fed whey protein.
  • 100% organic whey protein
  • from grazing in Austria
  • neutral and without additives
  • creamy and easily soluble
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From grazing in Austria

The cows from which the milk for our whey comes regularly see the fresh green grass and you can taste that in the quality. Lykaia Weide Whey is creamy but light, easily soluble and versatile. Whether it's a shake, a smoothie bowl or for cooking, our Weide Whey helps you to meet your protein needs in a healthy way.

Neutral and without additives!

No more chemicals, our Weide Whey is as pure as the mountain air in Austria. We do without flavor enhancers, sweeteners and additives and do something good for our intestines. Our whey contains a complete amino acid profile and is gently heated, which is why all the important nutrients are preserved.

Customer Reviews

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I'm very satisfied.

Brigitte D.
Instead of ice cream - organic Weide Whey!

quickly soluble and creamy, together with A2 goat casein, a successful basis for a healthy portion of protein. A great dessert with blackberries or other fruits instead of ice cream.

Yavuz Anik
Very good taste and wholesomeness

The whey has a very pleasant taste, very good solubility and can be mixed very well with, for example, frozen berries and milk/oat milk to make a delicious shake. Clear recommendation!

Katrin Stauber

Organic Pasture Whey

After 15 years of all varieties and manufacturers, one of the few that I can give myself.

I've been in the gym for over 17 years and I'm also active in various sports disciplines. Since I eat a wide variety of foods, I can't always meet my protein requirements, especially at dinner. I'm not talking about exorbitantly high amounts that you often hear from one or the other fitness youtuber, influencer or Instagrammer. Even 100g at 80KG body weight are not necessarily easy to achieve. So I take up to two shakes a day, with around 20-30g of protein, to be on the safe side.

The most important thing: the stomach and intestines say thank you. No tendency to flatulence or indigestion. The trick is simple: no additives. This is pure whey. Many manufacturers cannot advertise with this.

I am firmly convinced that the advantages of pure products are not yet clear to many: the complexion can improve, flatulence decreases/disappears, no "strain" in the stomach or intestines can be heard. Everyone reacts differently to artificial additives in products. Sometimes the "side effects" are not even known. What became increasingly clear to me: the fewer additives I take in, the more likely it is that my overall body image will change. I put on less/hardly any fat - burn it more intensively over a longer period of time and my energy level also increases. These are not effects that move mountains, nor are they set in overnight. For me, long-term changes in eating and supplementation habits do the trick.

I've been consistently "stuck" on this whey for a good six months. Unhesitating recommendation. Price/performance is more than consistent. The competition usually offers additive-soaked products for the same or a higher price.