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Frequently asked questions about "A2 goat casein"

Isn't protein just for athletes?

No! Protein not only ensures the strength of our muscles, but is also important for endurance, for a balanced blood sugar level and brain metabolism, for the health of the nervous system, for rapid healing and detoxification and many other things that make up a healthy life.
Everything that happens at the microscopic cellular level in our body requires protein, and proteins are even of great importance for bone growth.
Proteins can also be neurotransmitters or their precursors, and in this form they enable the complex communication processes in our body.
So, as you can see, EVERYONE should make protein the cornerstone of their daily diet. A protein-rich diet protects against diseases and ensures that the processes in the body run smoothly. This is not a new hype diet or any marketing trend, this is science!  

Will I gain weight if I don't exercise?

Okay, first the lecture: GO AND EXERCISE!!111 This is part of a healthy lifestyle and ensures that your body is functioning as evolution intended. 
....But if you're injured or just don't feel like it, don't worry, you won't gain weight from our casein, you'll lose weight. The reason is simple: the casein keeps you full for an extremely long time (also a property of protein, but which is more important in casein due to its structure). As a result, you do not reach for snacks or other calorie-dense foods. You simply take in fewer calories than you burn, leading to healthy weight regulation.

Does A2 Goat Casein contain lactose?

Yes. Because we use a casein, i.e. a goat's MILK protein, it contains residual lactose. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you should rather not eat our product. 


Does that taste like goat?

No, the powder is tasteless, especially if you mix it with water. 


Can the A2 protein lead to histamine release?

A histamine reaction to casein protein powder is uncommon but can occur in general. If you're sensitive to histamine, we'd rather recommend our Organic Pasture Whey In this Study it could be shown that a histamine reaction is less common here. However, this study was conducted with cow's milk casein and not our goat casein. It is therefore possible that the reaction with goat casein is different or even less common. 


Does A2 casein have a negative impact on my LDL cholesterol?

No, in general, a high consumption of (animal) saturated fatty acids or trans fats from fried and highly processed foods can lead to increased "bad" LDL cholesterol.
However, our A2 goat casein has a fat content of just 2%, which is 2 g fat per 100 g (very little) and just 1 g of this comes from saturated fatty acids. In short, there's so little fat in our protein that it couldn't possibly have any effect on cholesterol levels at all.