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Frequently asked questions about "Weide Whey"

Isn't protein just for athletes?

No! Protein not only ensures the strength of our muscles, but is also important for endurance, for a balanced blood sugar level and brain metabolism, for the health of the nervous system, for rapid healing and detoxification and many other things that make up a healthy life.
Everything that happens at the microscopic cellular level in our body requires protein, and proteins are even of great importance for bone growth.
Proteins can also be neurotransmitters or their precursors, and in this form they enable the complex communication processes in our body.
So, as you can see, EVERYONE should make protein the cornerstone of their daily diet. A protein-rich diet protects against diseases and ensures that the processes in the body run smoothly. This is not a new hype diet or any marketing trend, this is science!  

Does Weide Whey contain lactose?

It is possible that residual components of lactose are included. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you should rather not eat our product.